COILTEK 14" x 9" Gold Extreme Elliptical Search Coil

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COILTEK 14" X 9" Gold Extreme Elliptical Search Coil

FINALLY!  An aftermarket search coil for your Minelab SDC 2300!

 The NEW Gold Extreme Series provides more choices for the Minelab SDC 2300. The coils have been designed to compliment the detector’s performance and enhance the experience of the prospector. These Litz-wound coils provide options for coverage, sensitivity and maneuverability.

14" x 9" Gold Extreme 

- Large Elliptical shape for excellent ground coverage.

- Good sensitivity for most targets.

- Good depth for larger targets.

- Lightweight & easy to maneuver.  

- A good choice for either open or tight terrains.

- Includes skid plate, nut & bolt.  

This large Elliptical Gold Extreme coil provides the best ground coverage in the series and maintains excellent depth and sensitivity. It's the perfect choice for all day use.

Water Resistant
Weight: 28.4oz
Configuration: Mono Coil

You must order the COILTEK Gold Extreme SDC Accessory Pack to connect your New COILTEK Coil to your SDC 2300

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