Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector

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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II with 8" Searchcoil

If you want a submersible Pulse Indicator (PI) detector that really discriminates, look no further than the Sea Hunter Mark II.

In addition to providing standard discrimination, the Sea Hunter Mark II boasts a unique discrete elimination mode which enables it to discriminate unlike any other PI manufactured. Gone are those pesky pull tab signals when you?re trying to find rings. The Sea Hunter ignores a lot of trash that plagues conventional PI detectors and can find treasure at depths other submersibles can't reach.

Fabulous treasure have been found and recovered far beneath the sea, all thanks to the pulse power of the Sea Hunter Mark II.

Either in the deep sea or on the beach, the Sea Hunter's pulse induction circuitry ignores salt water and iron mineralization. No other circuitry can function effectively under such condition which are often found in lakes far from the ocean. Adjustable discrimination rejects foil, bottle-caps, pull-tabs, mineralized ballast stones and some iron pieces. Charges Garrett personally tested the Sea Hunter on the famed, inches-thick, black sand beaches of the California-Mexican border where mineralization is at its worst. The Sea Hunter's automatic ground balance performed flawlessly as deep target were found that had been left behind by other detectors that can only boast of their abilities. Garrett offers proof!

Circuit Type: Pulse Induction technology for automatic cancellation of salt/ground mineralization.

User-Adjustable Discrimination

Key Features:
Audio Threshold, Adjustable: adjust to user's preference.
Hip Mount Belt/Pouch: reduces detector weight for long searches.
Discrimination Modes: Two operating modes (Standard or Discrete) offer varying levels of non-ferrous target discrimination.
Discrete Trash Elimination: use to eliminate most pull tabs and foil without significantly degrading sensitivity for rings and coins.
Standard Trash Elimination: provides the deepest possible detection; allows a very slow search coil sweep in areas with little trash.

Independently Sealed Battery Compartment


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