XP DEUS + 9.5" Elliptical DD HF Search Coil + WS4 Wireless Headphones

XP DEUS + 9.5" Elliptical DD HF Search Coil + WS4 Wireless Headphones

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XP DEUS - Build Your Own Bundle
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XP DEUS Metal Detector with 9.5" Elliptical DD HF Search Coil 

BUILD YOUR OWN BUNDLE - Choose the Options you'd like with your New XP DEUS.  Stop wasting time looking around on other sites hoping to find the bundle that fits your needs.  Here at Wild West Metal Detectors we let you choose the Options that are important to you.

We listed the most popular accessories that customers usually bundle with their New XP DEUS.  Pick the one's you want.  Pick one, pick five.  It's entirely up to you.  No more searching all over the shopping cart looking for the accessories you want.

Includes 3 FREE Accessories:

  • FREE 31" Lesche 31" T-Handle Sampson Shovel -Double Serrated
  • FREE 12" Lesche Digging Tool 
  • FREE Digital Camo Finds Pouch
For Coin Hunting and Gold Nugget Prospecting

Included with this configuration of XP DEUS Metal Detector are the WS4 Backphone Wireless Headphones, the 9.5" Elliptical DD High Frequency Search Coil, and the Remote Control. The DEUS Gold Field mode (Program #10) has excellent performance especially when used in conjunction with the 9.5" Elliptical DD HF Coil. The 9.5” elliptical HF coil is designed for trashy and mineralized ground conditions. The elliptical coil is also better for locating tiny targets such as gold nuggets and is extremely sensitive, operating on a wide range of 21 frequencies, ranging from 13 to 81 kHz.

This coil also works great for coin hunting in trashy areas and supposed, hunted out areas.  We have found when running this coil configuration in 28.8 kHz, our coin finds go up significantly.  With the higher frequency we dig a lot of coins sitting on edge that other detectors are leaving behind.  

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