XP DEUS & ORX 9" Round Waterproof High Frequency Coil

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XP DEUS & ORX 9" Round Waterproof High Frequency (HF) Search Coil

The new search platform is designed around 3 main frequencies that are quickly accessible using the new XP DEUS 5.0 software.  This new High Frequency (HF) search coil has the advantage of integrating 7 large offset stages (sub-frequencies) under each main frequency, thus offering you the choice of 21 frequencies.  The XP DEUS 9" Round DD High Frequency Search Coil is extremely sensitive and operates from 13 kHz to 59 kHz.  The Main Frequencies for this coil are: 13 - 15.7 kHz, 26 - 31 kHz and 50 - 59 kHz.

Experience the ultimate in versatility, accuracy and stability.  The 13 to 15.7 kHz frequencies are intended for general use, they provide good sensitivity to a wide range of targets, the higher frequencies will take the Deus to another level.  You will instantly notice the enhanced sensitivity and the ability to find small targets that have previously been difficult or impossible to locate when searching mineralized ground with competing detectors.

Aside from the ability to detect through mineralized soil, the HF coils will enhance the target signature from weak - low conductive targets or even highly conductive targets.  Due to their shape or construction (thin or wired) many of these signals are beyond the reach of conventional detectors.  Now items such as open rings, earring, fine bracelets, wire framed artifacts, gold nuggets, intricate items, small coins, thin coins and coins on edge will be easy to locate!

This new High Frequency coil weighs less than 12.5 ounces and is equipped with the latest high capacity lithium battery (850mA).  The new battery is situated in the lower stem, and can be replaced in seconds, this is a bonus especially if you are working in a remote area far from a power source.  Typical battery life is: 20 hours @ 15 kHz, 27 hours @ 30 kHz and 28 hours @ 55 kHz. 

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5 Stars
Be warned!
Have you ever found a miniature bulb from a Christmas tree? or how about an LED light bulb from a mini mag flashlight? you know, with the little teeny wires poking out! well this coil loves things like that! Deep coins on edge? No problem here. Would you like longer battery life? Yep, it has the large capacity battery in the stem. Small gold earrings and earring backs? Well they can't hide anymore! This is a find everything coil that simply amazes me everytime I use it. But be warned, you'll be digging some amazingly small articles with this thing.
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Reviewed by:  from Chubbuck. on 6/20/2017

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