XP Deus & ORX X35 9" Round 35 Frequency DD Coil

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XP Deus & ORX X35  9" Round 35 Frequency Waterproof DD Coil

The XP DEUS & ORX X35 Search Coils feature a new Boost mode in version 5 as an option on frequencies 3.7 kHz to 4.4 kHz and can significantly increase detection depth on highly conductive targets, such as large silver coins and large masses.

These high performance, versatile search coils are designed around brand new electronic advances which allow the user to choose from a wide range of frequencies ranging from 3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz. There are 35 total available frequencies, based around 5 main frequencies that are quickly accessible.

The X35 coils will work with the DEUS & ORX in version 5.

  • Battery Life: 15 hours (depending on frequency and deep) - the latest XP Polymer Lithium Battery.
  • Includes coil cover, lower pole and hardware.
  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Waterproof

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