Minelab Vanquish Metal Detectors

Posted by Rian on 2/21/2020
Well the much anticipated Vanquish series detectors are finally starting to arrive.  It's still somewhat of a trickle but the first shipment has arrived.  I haven't had a chance to get out and hunt with one yet (it's still winter in Idaho) but as soon as I do I'll get back and do a review.  The time I have spent messing with a 540 in my living room has made me believe that they're going to be a big seller.

The Vanquish seems to be very well built.  They appear that their going to be very easy to use.  No complicated menus, just pick a program and go detecting.  For the price they should make a lot of people happy.  Not everyone wants to spend $899 for a Equinox 800.  With Multi-IQ they're going to be hard to beat in their price range.

Reviewing Minelab Equinox 800

Posted by Rian S. Anderson on 1/9/2020
Worth all of the $899 it sells for.  Nothing beats it!

Minelab Equinox 800 Follow-Up

Posted by Rian on 2/25/2019 to News
Minelab Equinox 800

Minelab Equinox Series

Posted by Rian on 6/21/2018 to News
We thought it was time to let you know what our opinion was of the New Minelab Equinox Series.  There seems to be a belief that it's the detector of all detectors.  We don't quite agree.

Don't get us wrong.  For its price point it's probably the best or one of the best detectors you can buy.  It seems to have good depth, but then again it should.  It's pumping 5 & 10 kHz into the ground while you're using the Multi-IQ.  We have managed to find a couple silver coins with it and multiple wheat pennies but not without a struggle.  

For some reason with the Equinox Series detectors it seems the target sound is never solid.  You spend an awful lot of time investigating signals before you decide if you want to dig it or not.  Everyone I know that owns one has complained about this.  The signals never seem to be solid and crisp.

Probably the biggest complaint we've heard is how slowly you have to move while detecting with an Equinox.  If you swing at the same speed you do with your XP DEUS you're going to miss all kinds of targets.  Everyone we've talked to has said their finds have fallen off significantly because of how slow you have to swing while detecting with the Equinox.  One gentleman told us, "My wife is now out hunting me.  She's still swinging her DEUS and moving at a normal pace and I'm lagging behind because I don't want to miss any targets with the Equinox."  We we're under the impression the Equinox had one of the fastest processors in the business so why should you have to move at a turtles pace?

The other biggest complaint is how unbalanced it seems to be.  It's very difficult to keep the search coil flat on the ground.  Minelab should have put a curved shaft on it instead of the straight shaft.  While we're on the subject of shafts why didn't Minelab go the extra mile and put a shaft on it where you could put the coil cable inside the shaft?  You still want us to wrap it around the shaft? Because of the weird angle we have to keep our arm in to make sure the coil stays flat to the ground our arm tires fairly quickly with the Equinox.

Our final thoughts on the New Equinox Series from Minelab.  For the money you probably can't go wrong.  It will go deep and you will find coins and tokens.  There's definately a learning curve with this detector.  We still have days where we love it but then we have days where we hate it.  There are days where we can't shake the feeling that we've left targets behind.  Our advice to you if you purchase a Equinox is swing slowly and take your time.  You will find good targets.

Let us know your thoughts on the New Minelab Equinox.